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Lessons & Activities

Coffee Cart- Brewing Independence!

"Coffee Cart" is a program that started at Walter T. Bergen Middle School in the MD Program to help increase student's independence and expose students to activities of daily living, functional communication, job skills, and money skills. Teachers at Samuel R. Donald loved this idea and wanted to incorporate this starting in January 2022. Both school used data forms so teachers, support staff, and administrators can order their coffee from our young baristas. With a schedule of coffee or tea delivery twice weekly, students are brewing independence and serving it with a smile! 

Language in Articulation & Yoga!

In a speech therapy group yoga session, students in Ms. Ricca's and Ms. Ricks's classes worked with Speech Pathologist, Vanessa Tario, on their language in articulation skills. Students worked on expressive language when identifying animals and items associated with yoga poses from a field of four pictures by using complete sentences. Students worked on receptive language skills when provided with 1-2 step directions to help students complete the pose. Students utilized both receptive and expressive language skills with WH questions focused on the animal or item associated with each yoga pose. Speech sound goals were also targeted when naming the animals or items associated with each pose and words related to them. Group yoga is only one of many ways our students are working on their speech and language goals with their peers in a fun, social and therapeutic way! 

Spreading Holiday Cheer & Inclusivity!

Students in Mrs. Jacobs's 8th grade class joined Ms. DeNyse's class to build gingerbread houses, embracing the holiday spirit. Mrs. Jacobs's students frequently embrace and encourage inclusivity at Walter T. Bergen by joining students in Ms. DeNyse's classroom for lunch, dance parties, and group activities. They embrace learning about students with varying needs, frequently say "Hi!" to them in the hallways, and actively participating with them in special area classes. Students in each class work on building functional communication skills and social skills with one another.

Math Makes Us Merry!

Students in Ms. Jordan's Math class have been working on a few foundational math skills! Students are learning about teen numbers to gain a foundation for place values. Students also used a number line, jumping forward and backward to represent addition and subtraction!

Pizza Party

Students in Ms. Ricca and Ms. Ricks'c classes at Samuel R. Donald, worked together with their speech pathologist to make their own pizzas! Students in the MD program throughout the district combine their academics with exposure to functional communication skills, daily living skills, and social-emotional skills. During the lesson on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, students made their own pizza in class! This lesson helped students follow one to two-step directions, fine motor skills, and using appropriate cooking vocabulary. Students also worked on understanding wait times and how to socialize with their peers!